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EFR Talent Showcase

Our organization is filled with artistic and creative people who are looking for opportunities to showcase their talents. We’re delighted to start spotlighting some of these amazing people. If you know of a talented individual or DSP who needs to be highlighted, email us at

My Crimson Magazine Cover with Alex Lupole (Left) and Jason McCann (Right)

My Crimson Star Magazine

“My Crimson Star Magazine” formerly known as “My Crimson Magazine” was founded by Jason McCann, CEO in 2015  in Pennsburg, PA.   My Crimson  Magazine is a reviewing platform that was inspired by Jason, and his deep love for concerts, movies, food, music, restaurants, fashion, and the LGBTQ community.   Find out more here!

Tomas Fredenburg Artwork

Tomas Fredenburg, 31, of Fulton, works in spray paint, colored pencils, and markers as his primary medium of choice. He paints and draws whatever inspires him at the time.  He started drawing when he was very young and became more involved in art once he took classes in high school.  Find out more here!

Matthew Preston – Diamond Artist

Matthew Preston, 37 of Syracuse recently decided he needed a break from his video games. He wanted something new and different from his regular hobbies. He was hoping to find something that would combine his passions and interests but also be relaxing. While perusing the internet, he found Diamond Art and he was hooked…...Find out more here!