About Us

Over 40 years ago, a few dedicated families sat down at a kitchen table with a deep and pressing need to find reliable, quality support for their children with developmental disabilities. The right people needed training and qualifications beyond what the teenager down the street could provide. They needed people who would listen and act from a place of kindness; people who understood or could learn to understand, the unique needs of their children.

Today EFR still has a strong family focus. It’s in our name, it’s who we are, and it’s what we do. We partner with individuals with disabilities and their families to guide them through the difficult world of disability services. We’re here to help understand the changes that are always coming – from new rules and regulations to bigger, system-wide changes. We are in it with you and we’ve got your back.

In 2022, EFR saw the opportunity to merge with a local agency to broaden the resources and opportunities we provide.  Onondaga Community Living has a long history of guiding individuals on a path of independence in their community.  Together our two agencies will be able to provide more opportunities with a staff that has a long history and expertise in working with families and individuals.

At EFR, you have the power. You have choice, flexibility and control over who you work with, when your services happen, and what you do and where. You let us know when and what you need, whether it’s support working out at your local gym, going to the café, or even some help at your job. We help make sure you are living in a way that is meaningful to you and includes the people you care about in the places you want to spend your time.

You tell us how best to support you, we make it happen. We empower exceptional people.